Rated 4.8/5 by 3483 customers

Rated 4.8/5 by hundreds of happy customers

Rated 4.8/5 by 3483 customers

Say Goodbye to Leg Fatigue: Improve Blood Circulation, Reduce Swelling, and Increase Performance

HYKLE Provides Superior Compression: A Gradual Transition from 20-30 mmHg to 8-15 mmHg, Nurturing Optimal Stability, Comfort, and Performance from Foot to Knee!

Whether You're a Fitness Enthusiast, Marathon Runner, Elderly Individual Seeking Relief for Swollen Legs, Teacher or Frequent Traveler —Our Socks Are the Perfect Companion for Every Daily Endeavor!

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HYKLE Compression Socks

HYKLE Compression Socks

Rated 4.8/5 by 3483 customers

Rated 4.8/5 by 3483 customers

  • 🦵 Balanced Compression - 20-30 mmHg to 8-15 mmHg Foot to Knee

  • ❤️ Improves Blood Circulation and Reduces The Risk of Injury
  • 🦶 Prevent Swelling
  • 🦨 Eliminate Odor
  • 🧦 Alleviate Shin Splints, Fatigue, Varicose Veins and Numbness
  • ✅ 90-Day NO-RISK Test and Return Guarantee Even If Used
  • 🚚 Free US Delivery
S / M - { Men 5 - 8 | Women 5 - 9}L / XL - {Men 8 - 12 | Women 9 - 12}2XL - {Men 12 - 15 | Women 12 - 16}

Avoid Swelling ● Lower Fatigue ● Increase Blood Flow

"Excellent compression socks, these! I use both of them for exercise and 12-hour shifts on my feet as a nurse. On the days I wear them compared to the days I don't, there is a discernible difference. I adore them all in all!"

Hannah D. - Verified buyer

HYKLE COmpression Socks are excelent choice

For athletes, tourists, and individuals who spend their entire day standing, maintaining normal blood flow to the feet is crucial. Our compression socks target specific muscles from the foot to the calf, enhancing sports performance and alleviating discomfort.

Enhanced Efficiency

Perform exceptionally well in CrossFit, lifting, running, long shifts, or outdoor activities with a graded compression construction designed for intense exercise. It is made to support rapid recovery and peak performance.

Increased Circulation

It encourages blood circulation & assists with muscle recovery. Gradual compression lessens swelling while easing discomfort, tiredness, lactic acid buildup, & muscular soreness, enabling you to concentrate on the work at hand.


Superior Compression

Discover the support, reduced foot and ankle swelling, and all-day comfort that come with our socks' optimum graded compression. They also increase movement flexibility to enjoy your regular activities and workouts.

Extremely Durable

HYKLE Socks offer more than just compression and relief; they are renowned for their exceptional durability. With the utilization of high-quality materials, our compression socks are built to endure extensive usage for hundreds of miles.


Say Hello To HYKLE Socks!

  • HYKLE ™ Increase Blood Flow
  • HYKLE ™ Avoid Swelling
  • HYKLE ™ Lower Injury Risk

Results according to a verified customer survey.

LET'S MEET OUR HYKLE Knee Long Compression Socks

Additional compression support is given to stabilize your arch, ankle, and muscles, reducing muscle oscillation and micro-tearing. This helps prevent foot numbness, cramps, damage, and injuries caused by weak muscles or pressed nerves in the leg, especially in the later stages of a marathon.

Color: Black

Color: Blue

Color: Orange

Color: White

Socks That Reduce The Injury Risk

Extra compression support to stabilize your arch, ankle, and muscles. Reduces muscular oscillation and microtearing. It prevents cramps and damage. The added assistance can help minimize injuries caused by a lack of muscle strength, especially in the second half of the marathon.

Endless Possibilities with HYKLE Compression Socks

Increased circulation aids in reducing edema and eliminating cellular waste. reduces swelling and fatigue from extended sitting or standing. Workers and anyone who sits or stands for extended amounts of time can benefit from it.

What Makes HYKLE Special

HYKLE Compression Socks are a remarkable innovation for your feet. Leveraging the latest in arch-to-calf compression technology, our socks provide targeted support for your foot and calf muscles. They promote optimal blood circulation, enhancing athletic performance, and mitigating discomfort associated with various conditions. Step into comfort and functionality with HYKLE.



90-Days Test


Not Sagging

Graduated Compression

Extra Toe and Heel Padding



Our Customers Love Us!

Rated 4.8/5 by more than 20,000+ satisfied customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Jonathan M.
Effortless Application, Excellent Performance

Snagged this thing to knock down the balloon-like situation happening in my ankle and calf after getting cut open to fix a busted bone. Got this walking boot gig going on, and man, by the end of the day, my leg was puffing up big time, right between the straps and smack on my ankle. It looked like I was smuggling golf balls. But, day one with this compression sock and boom, way less swelling. Not totally gone, but way, way better. My ankle wasn't stiff as a board, and the bumps, almost gone. Plus, felt like I had a bit more wiggle room in the boot than I did with barefoot or just a regular sock.

The sock itself is slick inside, couldn't feel any seams, even on my toes. That's huge for me 'cause regular socks drive me up the wall with their sensory shenanigans. I was stoked. Slipping it on in the morning when my foot's chillin' out was a breeze; I did check out some how-to videos before grabbing it though. Do that, 'cause you can't yank these on like your everyday socks.

The fit was pretty spot on for me. I'm rocking a men's 9 to 9.5, depending on the shoe brand. Got narrow heels with an average-width front part of my foot and toes. No weird bunching and the heel and toe of the sock were right where they needed to be.

All things considered, first day with this sock was a home run. Hoping they hang in there for the long run. I'd say give this brand of compression socks a shot. They're cozy and won't break the bank. Even grabbed myself two more pairs.

EDIT April 4, 2023
It's been a couple weeks since I dropped that review and I've been rocking these socks daily. They've hit the wash a few times and they're still holding up strong. I just toss 'em in with my other laundry, warm water, regular cycle. I skip the dryer and just hang 'em up. These socks keep killing it at their job and I scored another 5 pairs while there was a deal going on so I'm set for the work week.

Olivia P.
Uniquely Extraordinary

This may just be the crown jewel of my shopping hauls over two decades of swapping hard-earned cash for goods. These compression socks are beyond wild - you can feel the snugness, but it's like you're chillin' at home. Never had socks like these before and legit, the moment I slipped these bad boys on - I've barely taken them off! (Except for laundry time - but they're back hugging my legs in no time!)

I'm clueless about the wizardry behind these socks, but they sure don't get dirty like the regular cotton ones, even at the bottom - and I'm talking about my skin-tone matching beige pair. They don't reek, they don't fuzz up, they don't wear out, it's like I've got tailored, indestructible boots on without actually having to wear boots. What in the world am I strutting around in? Feels like some next-level sci-fi gear.

I've been desk-bound at an office job for 9 years, so maybe it was high time I treated my feet and legs to this kind of therapy, but man, I'm hooked! I sleep in these, run errands, work, work out, walk, dance - you catch my drift.

Grabbed these for some varicose veins I spotted on my legs...even though those veins haven't budged, I definitely feel less swelling, less of that weird tingling, sleepy sensation in my legs, fewer aches, less numbness. I've read some reviews knocking these socks for not being 'tight' enough to qualify as compression socks.

I haven't played around with other brands to be a judge on the fit, but these always cling to my skin with an evident but bearable squeeze. So much so, when they're off, my body actually misses it - it's freaking nuts.

And here's the kicker - when laundry day rolls around, I don't have a mountain of solo socks to wash, pair up, and stuff in the drawer. This one pair literally kicks the need for daily throwaway socks to the curb. That, my friends, is mind-blowing. GIVE THESE A GO!!!

Benjamin R.
Sock Recommendation with a Minor Caveat

These socks get a big thumbs up from me, they've been my personal lifesaver. My gig has me on my feet 97% of the time, walking on a concrete floor, and let me tell you, by quitting time my feet were screaming bloody murder. But now, it's more of an annoyance vs actual torment. The only hiccup was wrangling them on in the beginning until a lightbulb moment hit me. You gotta roll 'em, like you're turning 'em inside out, all the way to the toes, slip your foot in, and just haul 'em up. Problem solved. Bottom line, I'd absolutely endorse these socks. Pair 'em up with nursing shoes or kick-ass running shoes like Hokas and/or New Balance, and it's a game-changer.

Sophia C.

Optimal Fit for Petite Legs

Isabella B.
Effective and Reliable

Alright, there's one small heads up: these are the comfiest compression stockings you can find without having to go custom! These babies fit like a dream, all thanks to the options to order based not only on shoe size but calf size too. As I've hit middle age, all my weight gain decided to throw a party on my lower half, legs included. Unless I had custom-ordered compression stockings on, any sock wouldn't get past my calf, and it was so tight I was worried it was making my swelling worse instead of better! These socks kissed my knee and there was zero stranglehold and cherry on top: I wasn't a sweaty, red-faced wreck with a flaming back after slipping these on! They took care of the swelling like a champ, better than most. Now...if you folks could whip up a pair that wasn't so dang hot...! (Not sure if that's doable, but pretty please give it a shot! ??)


If For Some Reason You Are Not Satisfied in 90 Days, We Will Refund Your Money!

Order with confidence. If, for any reason, you don't think HYKLE is the right choice for you, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, even if the product has been used.

Have Questions?

Who can benefit from wearing compression socks?

HYKLE socks are beneficial for individuals who spend long periods standing or sitting, frequent travelers, athletes, and people with circulation issues or varicose veins. People who have numbness in feet while running, or shin splint issues also use our compression socks to successfully reduce them.

Which compression sock size is ideal for me?

To find the right size, measure your shoe size and calf circumference. Compression socks should be snug but not painfully tight. Here is our size chart:

SizeMen Shoe Size
Women Shoe Size
Calf Circumference
S / M
5-85-98-12 inches
L / XL
8-129-1211-16 inches
2XL11-1411-1413-18 inches

And with 4 different colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Blue

How tight they should be?

Compression socks should fit snugly but not be overly tight or uncomfortable. It is important to choose the correct size based on your measurements and follow our sizing guidelines.

How long should I wear them?

The duration of wearing compression socks varies depending on individual needs. It is generally recommended to wear them throughout the day, especially during periods of prolonged sitting or standing.

Where is the HYKLE stamp?

Buying HYKLE socks from our store guarantee you have genuine products. Sometimes we may ship the socks without the official logo because in times of high demand we simply don't have the extra time to engrave it. However, you will still get the durability and quality just as with or without our logo. We are working to increase capacity and prevent this in the next few months.

Can compression socks be worn during exercise?

Yes, they can be worn during exercise. They can improve blood flow, reduce muscle vibration, and provide additional support to the legs, potentially enhancing performance and reducing post-workout muscle soreness.

How should I care for my compression socks?

HYKLE socks should be washed in cold water with a gentle detergent and air-dried. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the elastic fibers. It is also recommended to replace them every 6-9 months, depending on usage.

Which compression level is right for me?

HYKLE compression socks offer a gradual transition from 20-30 mmHg at the ankle to 8-15 mmHg at the calf. This means they're versatile enough to cater to a range of needs.

At the ankle level, the firm compression (20-30 mmHg) is beneficial for those with moderate to severe varicose veins, post-surgical recovery, moderate edema, or preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

As the compression decreases up the calf to a mild level (8-15 mmHg), this helps promote blood flow back towards the heart, making them great for everyday wear to help with minor swelling, soreness, and preventing fatigue from long periods of standing or sitting.

Do you guarantee that they will work for me?

While we cannot guarantee that our socks will work for everyone, our products are designed to address circulation issues and leg discomfort. HYKLE compression socks provide graduated pressure to improve blood flow and reduce swelling. Results may vary, but we're proud to share that over 96% of our customers report a significant reduction in their symptoms. 

If you are not satisfied with the results, we offer 90-Day NO-question Return & Refund Policy as well as 1-Year Warranty for our socks. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

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