20 Plantar Fasciitis Stretches and Exercises with Video Guide for Efficient Treatment



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Have you ever wondered why your first steps in the morning are met with an unwelcome companion—a sharp, persistent pain nestled in your feet?

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue supporting the foot's arch, becomes inflamed. The result? Sharp pain, particularly during those first steps in the morning or after extended periods of rest.

Plantar fasciitis can be a real pain..well in the foot. Symptoms can vary but if you’re experiencing heel pain, arch discomfort or any signs or this pesky condition, don’t fret.

The good news is that there are various ways to manage plantar fasciitis. Rest, ice, and targeted stretching exercises can alleviate symptoms. Supportive footwear, orthotic inserts (We highly recommend these insoles), and physical therapy are commonly recommended too.

One of the key elements in combating plantar fasciitis is incorporating targeted stretches into your daily routine. These stretches aim to alleviate tension, promote flexibility, and strengthen the affected areas.

Discover our recommended plantar fasciitis stretches, endorsed by our Physical Therapist. These exercises aim to alleviate persistent pain, offering relief and promoting healing for those with this condition.

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1. Morning Routine Stretches

Before getting out of bed in the morning, perform a series of range of motions and specific stretches. Lift the painful leg onto the knee of the other and gently initiate simple range of motions. It may be slightly sore initially, but continue until improved (approximately 10 times). Conclude with a plantar fascia stretch, holding it for 15–30 seconds. Additionally, we recommend wearing slippers to protect your feet, avoiding walking barefoot for optimal support and comfort throughout the day.

2. Gastrocnemius Muscle Stretch

Stand against the wall and place your hands on it. Straighten the knee of the affected leg and bend the other knee in front, ensuring that both feet are flat on the ground. Hold for 15-30s each side.

3. Soleus Muscle Stretch

Stand with one foot behind the other, keeping the back foot turned slightly outward. Bend both knees, lowering your hips to feel a stretch in the lower calf and soleus muscle. Hold for 15-30 seconds, focusing on steady breathing. Switch legs and repeat for flexibility and relief.

4. Stretch Your Calves On The Ground

Get on all fours on the ground. Extend one leg backward, standing on its toes. Slowly move the extended leg without bending the knee. Perform approximately 10-12 repetitions, holding the final position for about 30 seconds – 1 min during the last repetition.

5. Toe Stretches

Start by trying to lift the big toe off the ground while keeping the others still. Then, switch to lifting the little toes. If it's too challenging, you can use your hand to assist in fixing the toes. Repeat this 10–12 times for each foot.

6. Stretch Towel Exercise

Sit on a chair and position a towel under your feet. Ensure your back is straight, and your affected foot is comfortably bent at a 90-degree angle, flat on the towel. Utilize your toes to scrunch the towel, keeping your heel in contact with the floor throughout the movement. Repeat 5–10 times.

7. Single Leg heel Raise Stretch

Place your affected foot on the step and position a towel under the toes to ensure maximal toe flexion. Lift your heel up for a 3-seconds pause at the top for 2 seconds, then lower for 3 seconds. If challenging with one leg, perform the exercise with both. Aim for 8-10 repetitions.

8. Heel Raises on the Stairs/Step

Stand on a flat surface with your heels hanging off the stairs/step. Lift your heels, hold for a moment, and lower them slowly, ensuring they don't drop below the step level. Aim for 10-15 reps, making this stretch a regular part of your routine for calf and foot relief.

9. Tip Toe Walking

Stand tall on a flat surface. Rise onto your toes, walking forward. Take small steps, keeping balance. Aim for 20-30 seconds, 2-3 sets. Incorporate tip-toe walking into your routine to strengthen your calf muscles, improve ankle stability, and promote overall foot health.

10. Seated Resistance Band Inversion

Sit on a chair with a resistance band around your foot. Pull the band inward, raising the arch of your foot. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat for 10-15 reps.

11. Toe Pick-Up Exercise on Chair

Sit on a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Place objects, such as marbles, on the floor. Use your toes to pick up and release each object in the bowl, aiming for 3-5 reps.

12. Plantar and Calf Stretch with a Mat

Fold your exercise mat for rolling. Place the arch of your foot on top, ensuring the mat is centered. You can position the opposite foot on the other side of the mat. Hold for about 30 seconds to 1 minute while pressing your heel into the floor. Repeat with the other foot.

13. Plantar Fascia Stretch From Table Top Position

Assume a tabletop position with hands and knees on the floor. Stand on your toes. Exhale and inhale as you gently move your hips back, creating a stretch along the bottom of the foot. Repeat for 10-12 reps.

14. Plantar Fascia Stretch with Band/Belt

Wrap a belt or elastic band around the ball of your foot. Gently pull on and hold 30s to 1min.

15. Bridge Pose with Toes Up and Heels Up

Start in the bridge pose with your hips lifted, creating a straight line from shoulders to knees. Lift your toes towards the ceiling, engaging the muscles in your feet and calves. Lower your toes and lift your heels, shifting the focus to your heels and ankles. Alternate between lifting toes and heels, maintaining a steady bridge position. Hold each variation for 10-15 seconds, repeating as desired for a dynamic stretch.

16. Toe Gap Stretch

Sit comfortably with one foot raised off the ground. Thread one finger between each toe, creating a slight gap. Hold the stretch for 30s to 2min, focusing on creating space between the toes. Release and repeat with the other foot. 

17. Big Toe Stretch

Sit comfortably on a chair, cross one leg over the opposite knee, and gently straighten your leg while keeping the toe pointed towards you. Hold your big toe and gently pull it upward, then push it downward to feel a stretch along the back of your leg. Repeat for 8 -10 reps each side. 

18. Foot Doming

While sitting or standing, press your toes down into the ground, creating an arch in the middle of your foot. Hold the position for a few seconds, then release.

19. Hamstring Stretch

Sit on the floor with one leg extended straight and the other bent, allowing the sole of your foot to rest against the inner thigh of the extended leg. Reach forward toward your toes while gently moving your foot, pulling it upward and then pushing it downward to feel a stretch along the back of your leg. This hamstring stretch can indirectly benefit plantar fasciitis by reducing overall tension in the leg muscles and promoting better alignment. Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.

20. Toe Lifts with a Towel Between the Ankles

Stand upright with your feet firmly against the floor. Place a towel rolled into a roll between the feet. Press the towel between the feet, being careful not to let it fall, and slowly lift the heels off the floor. Stand on tiptoes, hold, and return to the starting position. Repeat about 10-15 times on each side.

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